5 Reasons You Crave Junk Food

Junk food is so bad for you, but it tastes so good. And it sets off the pleasure center in your brain, making you crave more and more. The following 5 reasons you crave junk food are very common, and understanding them can help you get your diet, your waistline and your health back on track.

 1 - You Crave Junk Food Simply Because You Eat Junk Food

 Junk food has so little nutritional value that the more you eat, the more lacking in healthy minerals and nutrition your body becomes. You do not receive enough healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but the food tastes great and gives you a boost. Your brain tells you that you are still hungry, since it needs the essential nutritional components it is missing. You reach for something more to eat to solve the hunger problem, and you find junk food in your hand again.

 2 - You Crave Junk Food Because Your Brain Tells You To

 Many unhealthy foods are intentionally engineered to set off a pleasure response in your brain. Foods filled with sugar, salt and fat automatically send a signal to your brain that makes it feel good. In response, your brain tells you to get more of that thing which just made it feel so happy. That is why eating junk food just once can turn into nearly irresistible junk food cravings in some people.

 3 - You Crave Junk Food Because You Are Tired and Worn Out

 Junk food is often jam-packed with sugar and other sweeteners. You are lagging in the middle of the morning or afternoon, and you need a quick pick-me-up. Unhealthy, sugar-filled snacks will definitely give you a quick boost. But this artificial energy leads to an inevitable crash. And it is accompanied by other unhealthy chemicals and processed ingredients that do your body and your mind more damage than good.

 4 - You Crave Junk Food Because You Just Finished Eating a Meal

 This may sound a little weird, but when you leave food particles in your mouth after eating, you can actually stimulate junk food cravings. If it is not possible for you to brush her teeth after you eat a meal, rinse your mouth out with water or chew xylitol dental gum (helps clean your mouth).

 5 - You Crave Junk Food Because You Are Very Happy… Or Very Sad

 It is widely known in the medical and health communities that up to 75% of overeating happens as an emotional response. And this can often times mean reaching for unhealthy junk food and comfort food.


You can make progress or make excuses.

The choice is yours.

 I’m Rialand Jones aka The Fat Assassin®…

And I’m out!


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